Hey Girl!

I'm Abby O'Keefe.

I am a wellness expert, kundalini yogi, and nutritionist obsessed with sharing the tools that have dethroned my anxiety and catapulted me into a free and thriving lifestyle. 

A small town West Virginia girl, YouTuber, educator, writer, puppy rescuer, my favorite days are spent sharing my whole and authentic self to strangers on the internet in efforts to make them feel less alone. 

But what does she do?

about abby o (1).png

I'm a mental health mentor and coach to women struggling to release fear and pursue their passions (or figure out what they are). 

Learning and implementing practical and spiritual tools for anxiety relief has been my life's work and one of my biggest personal accomplishments. 

Fear and attachment to fear can absolutely take over your life. Finding freedom from excess fear was empowering and ground-breaking for me. And now I have an impenetrable foundation for lifelong happiness and love.


More importantly than that, I now get to help people build those same foundations. I teach you how to escape from the hamster wheel of fear and pursue a life beyond your wildest dreams. That means everything to me.