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Meet the Kundalini Queen ;)

With a mission to simplify the ancient yogic practice of Kundalini Yoga and make meditating fun, Abby O'Keefe brings joy to the potency of the practice that changed her life, making Kundalini Yoga accessible and safe for anyone and everyone.


The Peace and Power of Kundalini Yoga

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When I stumbled across Kundalini Yoga in 2015, the whole idea scared me. Yoga to raise your consciousness? To regulate your nervous system? To find your truth?


It all felt intense and scary - mostly because I was already a pretty intense person.


The oldest of four girls, growing up for me looked like setting a good example, being a "picture perfect" role model, and trying not to mess it all up too badly. All the rule-following and expectation-meeting I did in life meant I rarely, if ever, trusted myself.


This manifested as pretty intense anxiety and people-pleasing patterns.

The idea of meditating was foreign and terrifying - what anxious person wants to be alone with their thoughts, haha? Nevertheless, I decided to give it a go. 


I set a timer for 3 minutes and did a Kundalini Meditation to clear emotions from your past. Inside those 3 minutes, and for a bit longer, I felt peace for the very first time. Deep, authentic peace. An illusory concept to me up until that point.


And in that moment, I heard and felt a message that inspired a life-long love affair with this practice: "if I can feel it for 3 minutes, I can feel it forever." This was my proof. Peace was possible. And the pursuit began...

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A Kundalini Yoga practice and meditation that does it ALL! Sat Kriya stimulates and circulates the Kundalini energy to move up and down the chakras, clearing energy and raising consciousness. If you only have a minute or two, this practice will take you far!

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A Kundalini Yoga Flow for processing overwhelming emotions. Anytime you feel like you don't know what to do, like the emotions are weighing you down, creating a mental spiral, and you can't catch your breath, come to this practice.

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A Kundalini Yoga Flow and meditation for sympathetic energy and mobilization. We all have those days where we just don't have, motivation, inspiration, momentum, that I filmed a flow for how I kick it into gear!


The Self Healing Series

40 day healing journeys designed to move you into a specific energetic state. ENROLLING NOW -->

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"My big takeaway from working with Abby... FREEDOM. Freedom from people-pleasing, from feeling like I need to fit a mold of what someone else thinks I should be or do or have."


"Before working with Abby I felt irritable - I was letting external circumstances rule my energy and my mood. A big goal of mine was learning to set healthy boundaries that supported my energetic space. I received all of that and more."


"The practice of Kundalini has helped me reach a place of inner happiness and I am truly able to experience the joys in my life in a bigger and fuller way."


"I always look forward to our sessions. It feels like I’m catching up with a friend, only this friend always gives amazing advice. It’s such a comforting thought that whenever I’m struggling with working through something, I just have to talk it through with you and I immediately feel better. I barely recognize the person that met you a year and a half ago."


"As much as Abby is there to support you and creates this space for you to learn and grow she is always reflecting that everything is in your power. I know that I am the one that changed my life. I also undoubtably know that it all wouldn't have happened as fast or as powerfully without Abby's guidance and support."


"You made such a difference in my life that I wouldn’t have cared if you had zero credentials but the technical side of me did love how you knew that science of what you were teaching. I also loved how you bring everything together in such a relaxed, at-home, loving, relatable way. 


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