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Bite-sized workouts, meditations, & wellness routines that make you FEEL GOOD & help you create habits that stick!

Hey girl, my name is Abby - human, woman, wife, mama of two + one fur baby, Minnesota resident, multi-passionate-semi-ADHD-creative-entrepreneur, and general positive thinker - nice to meet you!

I am using my YouTube Channel as a way to share what I've learned about health, wellness, self-care, and spirituality as it relates to women and moms. WHOLE is the physical representation of what I've learned about myself as a human, woman, mom, and wife, and what I need in this season of life.

I love life, I love MY life and I want to squeeze the most juice I can out of it - with my kids, my husband, my work, my friends, and my hobbies and passions. I am someone that wants it all (and who also believes she can have it all).

With my naggy, anxious brain that ruled over much of my childhood and adolescence, I learned that taking care of myself was how I first took care of other people, and made me a believer that "self-care isn't selfish." 

But I wear a lot of hats, I have a lot of titles, and the to-do list never gets shorter...and I mean NEVER! (which is so frustrating for a type-A, Achiever, Enneagram 7!) Did I also mention that I am an ALL or nothing recovering perfectionist? 

I used to need it all, to do it all, to have it all, to know it all, to be it all...but I ALWAYS felt like a failure, a fraud, or downright exhausted at the end of the day.

After having my second baby, instead of starting with ALL, I started with SOME. I asked myself to show up and do a little everyday. I moved my body for 5 minutes and meditated for 1. 

The consistency of showing up for myself every day built confidence, and the confidence built trust. And that SOME-thing I did everyday gave me everything I didn't know I needed. A belief in myself that came from ME! Not from someone else telling me I could, but creating my own proof, being the change, and doing the damn thing. 

I thought 5 or 10 minutes a day would make me feel like I wasn't doing enough, that I'd feel lazy and it wouldn't even be worth it, but 4 days in, I had a completely different outlook.

Instead of creating barriers to entry for movement and meditation, I let it be messy. I embraced the chaos of my life, the kids running around, the no-bra and no pants style workouts barefoot in my kitchen while the kids ate breakfast, and I let it all be okay. And that ok turned into good, and that good turned into great, and the great turned into best I've felt in a decade. 

And here we are. A place for you - human, woman, wife, mama, to join us in doing something. I know you do everything for everyone else, and it's not ALL for you anymore, so I won't ask for that. Starting with something is better than not starting at all.

I hope you'll join us!

Big love,

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