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The Abby O'Keefe
(Kundalini Queen) Product Suite

Hey babe! Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where I simplify ancient yogic practices to help anxious, stressed out women find freedom + have more FUN in 3 minutes a day!

Decoding Fear


A course designed to uncover your limiting beliefs and identify how they are perpetuating your fear story...and help you rewrite them the way you want to.

With 6 core modules and a ton of bonuses, I walk you through the steps to go from anxiety, panic, and chronic stress, to fearless, badass, I-can-do-anything-I-want-and-I-really-believe-that vibes. 

The focus of this course is helping you establish beliefs that support your DESIRES, not your fears. ​

Each module has homework and affirmations that show you how to use your desires as a guide for your life, and your fear as a fleeting feeling instead of a recurring character. 

If your mind feels scary, unpredictable, and maybe a little like a bully, this course is perfect for you. Decoding Fear helps you get in a right relationship with fear, so you can see it, feel it, and let it go. 

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