Welcome to the Reiki Container...

...and the course devoted to activating your innate healing potential, introducing you to the magnitude of your power, and teaching you how to use your gifts to change the world.

That's why you're here right? You want change - for yourself, others, and the world. This life MEANS SOMETHING to you, and you want to do your part.

Welcome, love. I am so grateful you are here. There is no doubt in my mind you are here for a reason. 

The energetic container of this course is fucking powerful. It will change you, heal you, and show you the deepest and most beautiful parts of yourself. 

I am moved that I get to be your guide.

After completing this course, you will be a Certified Reiki Level 1 Practitioner, able to offer healing services to yourself and to others. 

Let’s set the stage:

You call and book a 90 minute hot stone massage at your favorite place. The anticipation of the appointment puts you in a good mood and makes you feel lighter. You know the healing is coming and it’s downright energizing (and calming at the same time). 


It’s the day of the appointment and you wake up absolutely buzzin’ about what’s to come. You get in an early movement session and a long bath so you don’t have to shower off all the yummy essential oils.


You arrive for your massage and it’s everything you needed - 90 minutes of relaxation and surrender to healing. You let yourself enjoy BEing in that blissful moment.



Learning Reiki and becoming a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner is exactly like that, but with your energy (the thoughts you have about yourself, about life, about others) Your energy is your perception of everything and HOW you show up everyday in the world. 


And after going through this course, you’ll be able to offer that same healing, feel-good endorphin-producing vibes to yourself, to others, and to the world.


YES, it is as good as it sounds...well, actually, it’s BETTER!


Reiki is an energetic healing modality (I call it an energetic massage), that releases past traumas, self-limiting beliefs, fears, negative thought patterns and habits, energetic blocks, karma, past lives, ancestral trauma, and just makes you feel really fucking good!


Reiki = taking care of your COMPLETE HEALTH: energetic, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.


Learning Reiki is about tapping into the life force, soul voice, intuitive wisdom of YOURSELF to heal, grow, and transform. And as a Level 1 Practitioner, you’ll be able to offer others that same experience.


Sounds like a pretty cool way to change the world right?

reiki wb graphic (2).png

You’re here because you aren’t scared of the work.

In fact, you freaking love doing the work.


You know that you could be happier, more fulfilled, and more fearless. 

You CRAVE growth and learning new things.

You dabble or dive in headfirst to all things spiritual and want MORE!


It's safe to say that you’re in the right place.

You are most definitely meant to be here. 


So, let’s dive into ALL the goods in this course (it’s an absolute TON of content you are going to ADORE)!

We officially start on Monday, August 31st!

We kickoff with a LIVE WELCOME CALL/Intro to the course container, and distance healing session with me. We will do a little saging, meditating, oracle card reading, and crystal infused distance healing session. I’m bringing allllll the magic to start this journey together. 


There are 9 recorded modules in this course. 




Holy wow you are going to learn a lot. 


Let’s go through it, shall we.


Or, if you know you already know you're here for it, click here and get in there!

The Magic Starts Here

Pre-Course Work

(3 Modules)

After you hit that magic button and make all your Reiki dreams come true, you get instant access to a little something called...The Magic Starts Here.

Module 1: WELCOME TO THE COURSE CONTAINER: a big big welcome from me and some details about how it’s all going to go down and your next steps.


Module 2: Guided Meditation to Prepare You for the Course: an downloadable audio meditation to clear any blocks to receiving FULLY the energy of this course and everything coming your way during it. Think heart and mind opening, love-inducing, and just all around high high vibes. 


Module 3: Chakra Balancing Distance Reiki Session with MOI: THIS IS A POWERFUL SESSION. Sit back, relax, and soak in the Reiki I send to balance all 8 of your chakras and boost your confidence and trust in yourself. 

Module 1

The Power & Purpose of Reiki

Exploring energy healing as a new tool can feel confusing and elusive. You can't see it or touch it, but you most certainly can feel it.


This module answers all your questions about Reiki:

what is it, how to do it, can I do it wrong, how does it heal, how do I turn it “on”, what does it feel like, how can I use it? Reiki is powerful, and this module teaches you why and how to access it.

Module 2

The History

of Reiki

I’m breaking down the origins of the Usui Reiki tradition to help you understand the lineage and connect to the roots of this healing practice. There are a few different lineages of Reiki and we will be focusing on the Usui tradition in this course (the original and most potent Reiki practice).

Module 3

The 5 Reiki Principles

There are 5 principles that guide the practice of Reiki and keep you grounded in each moment and session, with yourself and your clients. You will use these principles in your sessions and in your life to calm and center the mind and body.


They are powerful mantras we dive further into during this module.

Module 4

What to Expect From Your Attunement /

Your Reiki Level 1 Attunement [LIVE]

Your Reiki attunement is a powerful initiation into the realm of natural healing. You have a short module on what an attunement is, that it means and what it feels like/what you might experience (all GOOD things).

Then we hop into our LIVE ATTUNEMENT and ACTIVATION of your Reiki healing energy. THIS IS WHERE YOU BECOME A LEVEL 1 PRACTITIONER.

Module 5

What to Do After Your Attunement

In this module we'll cover the 21 days following your attunement and the two things you will be doing daily to help integrate, activate, and get to know this new gift of Reiki Energy healing.

A time of deep listening to your body and your intuitive voice, I'll share how to move through the transformation with gratitude and appreciation.

Module 6

Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols give you access to specific energetic frequencies to facilitate your healing sessions. I will be attuning you to the Peace, Power, and Grouding/Centering symbols. You draw or visualize these during sessions (on yourself or with others) to activate their healing energy. You can place symbols in the corners of rooms to elevate energy, send their energy to situations, events, or in a Reiki session.


I LOVE symbols and am excited to share them with you.

Module 7

How to Give a Self-Healing Reiki Session

Learn the hand positions and techniques to use for self-healing with your Reiki energy - and how you let your intuition guide you in your healing. 


A BIG part of practicing Reiki is staying a clear channel for this life force energy. Giving yourself Reiki energy can and should be part of your daily routine/ritual. I will be going over my personal Reiki rituals and how I heal myself daily.

Module 8

How to Give an

In-Person Reiki Session

Learn the hand positions and techniques to use for healing others at in-person sessions. While their are recommended hand positions to deliver this healing energy, we will also talk about listening to your intuition during each session and letting that guide you to the areas that are looking for more attention.


Reiki brings up different emotions for clients and we will discuss how to navigate releases and intense experiences during and after each session. 

Module 9

Facilitating Personal & World Healing, Tapping into Universal Consciousness

How learning Reiki can help you heal, elevate, and change the world. Tapping into your energetic frequency and elevating it through Reiki gives you a beautiful ability to send this energy to events, situations, people, and places that are meaningful and important to you.


We will go over how to set that intention and use the symbols to amplify a particular vibrational frequency.

+5 Bonus Modules

Module 1: Reiki to Release Fear

Learn how reiki alleviates anxiety and can be a daily part of your self-care routine to keep stress levels lower and your mind calmer.

Module 2: Reiki & a Purpose-Driven Life

If you are struggling to find your path/purpose in this life, basically figure out what they heck you are meant to do while you're here, this module is perfect for you. Learn more about how you can use your Reiki energy to connect with your intuitive voice and inner knowing and follow its lead. 

Module 3: To Infinity [Guided Meditation]

Everything on this planet has a vibrational frequency - your thoughts, beliefs, actions, every cell in your body is energy. We dive DEEP into this topic through a guided meditation to make massive mindset shifts that serve the energy you want to embody. Become a magnet for what you WANT to believe and achieve.

Module 4: Reiki Level 1 Scope of Practice + Level 2 Details

More on your role as a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner and scope of practice, plus what is included in a Level 2 Certification. 

Module 5: How to do a Chakra Balancing Self-Healing Session

How to clear and balance all your chakras with your Reiki healing energy (normally learned in a Level 2 class).

This course is part recorded modules and part live calls. The content and modules drop in a specific order timed with the live calls - schedule below! 



The pre-course modules (there are 3) are in there and waiting for you to say YES right now. 

The first live call is on August 31st, and the first half of the modules will drop.

The second live call is your ATTUNEMENT and will be on September 7th, which is when the second half of the modules will drop.

On September 14th, the 5 bonus modules will drop!

The last live call and Reiki group ceremony will be on September 21st!

more on what it's like to work with me :)


The idea of Reiki was one that really intrigued me as I began my spiritual journey. I wasn’t sure what to expect with energy work…how I would feel…if I would feel anything at all. I know that it is different for everyone, but my first experience receiving Reiki was distance Reiki with Abby and I can definitely say that my experience was subtle, but impactful. I saw flashes of color behind my eyes and I felt a general overall warmth in my body. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a sense of calm and peace. Afterwards, I noticed the anxiety I had been feeling had dissipated and Abby sent me a follow-up with messages that she received from spirit, just for me. Reiki can seem very otherworldly, but Abby performs it in a way that feels very accessible to the lay person. I would definitely recommend experiencing it for yourself!


During my first distance Reiki session with Abby I felt so strange and awkward just laying in bed on my back doing nothing with my eyes closed. That feeling soon passed and I relaxed into the moment and listened to my breathing. I had set an alarm for 10 minutes after my session was to end and when it went off I sat up feeling much lighter and open. When I read Abby's notes she had put into words so many things I had felt in passing at times but dismissed.


My second session was different. I knew what to expect and I had questions for Abby to see if an answer came through. Of course I had a feeling I knew the answer but having Abby confirm it was reassuring for me.


If I could do Reiki monthly with Abby I totally would. It is amazing how much better one can feel just by moving around stagnant energy and clearing out unneeded energy. I highly recommend that if you can't take Abby's new class to learn how to do Reiki yourself that you talk to her about having a Reiki session or two with her.


Coming into my reiki session with Abby I had zero expectations. I had never received a session before and wasn’t super sure what to expect. It was very relaxing and over the next few days I felt more aligned with my chakras that had been off balance during the reiki session. Abby wrote a very detailed report that was very helpful and easy to understand. It was also very accurate for what I had been feeling. I would recommend her to anyone, she’s the best!

about abby o (1).png

Hi love! I'm Abby O'Keefe, Abby O for short ;) I'm a mental health mentor and coach to women struggling to release fear and pursue their passions (or figure out what they are). 

Learning and implementing practical and spiritual tools for anxiety relief has been my life's work and one of my biggest personal accomplishments. 

Fear and attachment to fear can absolutely take over your life. Finding freedom from excess fear was empowering and ground-breaking for me. And now I have an impenetrable foundation for lifelong happiness and love.


More importantly than that, I now get to help people build those same foundations. I teach you how to escape from the hamster wheel of fear and pursue a life beyond your wildest dreams. That means everything to me.

reiki level 1 FAQ (1).png

Q: Is this only for people who have had a Reiki session or are experienced with Reiki?

This is for anyone who is called to it. There is absolutely n0 experience required to go through this course. It is a beginners Reiki course and if it feels right, then it is. Trust the feelings.

Q: Can I take the course if I am already a Reiki Practitioner?

Absolutely! If the content in this course speaks to you, you are meant to be inside. This course isn't JUST about becoming a Reiki Practitioner, it holds space for transformation through increasing knowledge about Reiki healing and how to use it to further pursue your passion and release trauma.

Q: Does Reiki help with anxiety/depression/mental health?

YES YES YES YES YES a million times YES! Reiki clears stagnant energy in the body, built up from unprocessed emotions, traumas, and self-limiting beliefs. Releasing this energy opens up space for new energy, which is the Reiki, light-filled and pure loving energy. Visualize the muddy shower water that comes after a long rainy hike. The water is brown for the first few minutes, and starts to get clearer the longer the water washes over you. This is a great comparison to the way Reiki works with your energy to clear and replenish. 

Q: I know nothing about Reiki, can I still join?

I am about to teach you everything you need to know. If you are asking this question, you feel the call. Answer it with a confident YES and trust the rest.

Q: Is this a live course?

This course is self-study through recorded modules with 3 live calls. However, we are starting this course live as a community which means the content drops on a schedule (more info on that above).

Q: When does the course start?

Your pre-course work starts the minute you enroll. There are 3 modules to prepare you mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually for the course (and they are fucking magic). Our live kickoff call is on August 31st which is also when the first half of the modules drop!

Q: When are the live calls?

Call 1 is August 31st.

Call 2 (your live attunement) is September 7th.

Call 3 is September 21st.

Q: What if I miss a live call?

All the live calls are recorded and emailed out right after! You'll have forever access to them!

Q: Do I have to complete the course in a certain time window?

Absolutely not. The course is yours forever, so if you know now is the time but something comes up, you'll be able to do the course whenever it fits for you love.

Q: Are there payment plans available?

Absolutely. You will be able to see the payment plans when you click below to enroll!

Q: I feel like I am supposed to do this but I am still unsure...what do I do?

Take a minute. Breathe. Relax the jaw, the shoulders, neck, arms. Open yourself to receiving guidance. Ask and follow the feelings. 

reiki level 1 sign up button (1).png

Before you go...

If you made it this far, you are problem seriously contemplating whether this is the right fit for you. 

Listen to your heart. That love-based GPS will never lead you astray.

Take a deep breathe, maybe a few. Let your body relax and your mind calm. As thoughts come in just let them go - don't attach to anything created by the mind.

Feel your consciousness drop into your heart center. Feel your heart beating, and visualize beautiful pink energy.

Imagine what it would feel like to learn a self-healing practice that eases anxiety and gets you out of your own way. That serves you and the world. That brings you closer to your purpose and drops you into that heart center whenever you want.

Feel the feelings that come from that visualization. Listen to the guidance you have received (or will soon receive) and trust yourself.

You are loved, supported, and safe. 

I love you.