What Meditation Has Given Me

Today I saw my daughter differently.

We were eating pretzels, shout out to Hammonds, the last hand rolled pretzel factory in the US (not an ad, but these are the very very best and you should know about them), and sitting on the living room floor playing.

She looked at me because she wanted another bite - another bite of MY pretzel, even though she had her own. She always wants what mommy has (and I love it).

I looked in her eyes and I saw her differently. In that moment I saw her soul - it felt like that scene in Twilight when Renesmee puts her hand on Bella's face and shows her all the memories she has of her.

I saw so many memories in an instant - Aila before she was born in my belly meditating together, being born in the hospital, learning to walk for the first time, laughing for the first time, using a fork for the first time...

And she's only 17 months old, so she did learn a lot of those things recently.

Being in that moment and existing in that moment allowed me to really see her. To see her for the amazing, beautiful, WHOLE person that she is. I could see all her light.

This moment is what meditation has given me.

I've never been able to see and experience the present moment like I have since I started meditating. Since I began being still, being mindful of my body, my breath, and my mind.

My thoughts move way too fast to remember to be in the moment without practicing it first.

The more you practice something the better you get at it, and the better you get at it the more it becomes who you are.

Forming a new habit like meditation isn't about doing that one thing, it's about becoming someone different.

Meditation has made me a better, more present, more mindful, calmer, patient, and loving person, and I am grateful I can immerse myself fully in these moments with my daughter.

Feeling the joy that exists in these small moments is the goal of life.

If we cannot enjoy the life we have created, why did we create it in the first place?

If you have never meditated before and want to give it a go, come take a mindful minute with me.

sending you all the love,


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