What a Sandwich Taught Me

I’m sitting in my living room, Aila is down for a nap, Gilmore Girls on the TV (I just restarted it, best decision ever), and I’m eating my delicious Jimmy Johns Beach Club sandwich.

I look around the room and tears fill my eyes. I feel so much love and gratitude that my body cannot contain it - it comes spilling out in happy tears.

I think about where I was 6 years ago, happy but not, trying to find happiness in buying more makeup, clothes, the newest electronics. I was sure if I had more I would be happy.

But I wasn’t. I collected debt and a house full of unused things.

The more things I collected, the unhappier I became. It made me more anxious and stressed, financially and in all the clutter around the house. I was overwhelmed with the things I bought to make myself happy.

I realized the biggest problem in my weird happiness equation was me. I was trying to make myself happy through things I didn't have, valuing my happiness and worth based on material items. This led me to realize it wasn't about me being internally happy, it was about being happy based on how other people viewed me and what I had...

and that is definitely NOT real happiness.

Fast forward to this moment, with my Jimmy Johns sub and Gilmore Girls binge, and I felt real happiness. When I made the decision 6 years ago to go inward, and learn about what was happening inside of me, I found real happiness.

That same happiness has grown tenfold through my daily practice of slowing down and tuning in to myself, showing up in even the simplest of moments, reminding me that the work I've done means I can always be happy. I can see and feel happiness in every moment.

Happiness isn't in anything you can buy or acquire, it's inside of you. It's the birthright you never claimed. But it's waiting, and it will keep waiting for you to access it.

My favorite and the fastest way I know how to to access it is through meditation. I talk about it a lot, I know, but it's unmatched in the world of inner peace and bliss.

Try this 4 part breath meditation for happiness, and see how you feel after <3

sending all the love,