Meet Anxiety Abby

She’s positive, outgoing, friendly, and really fun! She has a ton of friends and everyone really likes to be around her. She's high energy and excitement pours out of her. She works hard and loves hard, finding comfort in reality TV and exercise...

That’s how she looks on the outside.

But on the inside, her outside feels like a hollow shell, a facade. Few people know she’s afraid of dying, so afraid that she thinks about it all the time.

Whenever she travels she looks up the nearest hospitals “just in case,” and every time a friend or family member calls twice in one day “something horrible must have happened.”

She’s afraid of her own mind.

Its imagination for worst case scenarios is so vivid it’s like she’s living in a personal nightmare with no escape.

Her mind is so full of scary things that her body is following suit...she struggles to fall asleep and stay asleep (what if she dies?), is dizzy often, has indigestion, headaches, nausea, so much nausea, heart palpitations, racing heart, and is always getting sick.

Her ability to rationalize her anxiety is impeccable, but she knows it's not “normal” fear. Her anxiety is far from rational, but she doesn't know what to do.

And she has no idea who she can be. She’s rarely felt calm, hardly ever experienced peace, and she’ll laugh at you if you mention letting go of control.

The need to control owns her. It makes her feel powerful.

But what she doesn’t know, is that it’s actually making her powerless...

This was me, 4 years ago (pictured above), but also, me for most of my life.

Until I hit rock bottom and realized the "control" I thought was keeping me safe was paralyzing me from living my life. I was afraid of everything.

If this is you, I SO GET IT.

The number of panic and anxiety attacks I've had is in the hundreds, the sleepless nights were endless, and the fear was constant...

But I have good news...this is a message of hope.

Anxiety Abby doesn't exist anymore. She's bloomed into ALIVE Abby and life excites her now!


And if I can do this, so can you.

I am starting a "How to Lose Anxiety in 10 Days" Series on May 17th (AND YES! that is absolutely a reference to one of the greatest romcom's of all time, thank you for noticing)!

It is 10 days of Kundalini Yoga, the practice that catapulted me into a freer and happier way of living. It's designed to pull you out of the fear cycle and help you experience your true self...peace and happiness.

This series is COMPLETELY FREE! So head on over and sign up.

Right now, don't wait!

I will talk to you soon, friend. I see you and I love you <3