Meditation for World Healing

We need your love. Our world is in pain, our people are divided, and fear is winning.

We need your love. Our world is sick, with a virus of separateness, and hate is winning.

We need your love. Our world is exhausted, from inequality and injustice, and sadness is winning.

We need your love. Our world is on fire, burning for change, and anger is winning.

We need your love. Please send your love.

Kundalini yoga not only gives you access to a truer version of you, but helps you master your energy.

Your energy is your PRESENCE in this world. It is the vibration you put out that affects yourself, others, and the planet.

When we meditate we master our energy, eliminating the negative: fear, doubt, hatred, anger, frustration, disappointment, and cultivating the positive: happiness, joy, gratitude, love, and peace.

This is a beautiful meditation that allows you to send healing energy to any person, place, people, situation, or event you choose. It is a great one to do right now with the world in so much pain.

Sit in the posture shown above, elbows at the sides, palms flat and facing up, with the eyes closed, looking in and up to the third eye point.

Use this song and chant the mantra RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG. On the first SA and last HUNG, gently pull the navel up and in.

This mantra taps into the energies of the sun, moon, earth, and the infinite to bring deep healing.

While chanting, visualize what you are sending healing energy to. See this person, people, place, situation, or event with beautiful healing energy all around it - in a bright white light.

To end, inhale and exhale 3 times while holding the posture, visualizing a full healing.

Practice this meditation for up to 31 minutes at a time, and enjoy the experience of mastering your energy while healing the world.

sending all the love,


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