Intuitive Reading #1: 12.2.20

An intuitive reading is something I do often for myself, my clients, and my communities. These are divinely timed and inspired messages from God communicated to give strength, hope, and love. Many times they offer so much more than that - reassurance, calming energy, personal guidance, a pat on the back, or a gentle nudge toward a new and creative idea.

So the first step, is to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and look at the cards below - which one feels like it pulls you toward it - that is your card. Then scroll down for the reveal and the detailed reading.

Stay tuned into your intuitive voice as you read the description and note what it means and says TO YOU about your life. Oracle cards can be a powerful way for us to connect with our soul voice, to hear her truth more than the ego's fear.

Select your card and scroll down for the reveal.

[Oriented as you are looking at them]

Left: KALI-MA, Facing Fear

This is a time when you are able to look fear in the eye and move away from it. Fear is just energy, and energy can be changed. This can be an intense experience because the human self is so conditioned that it may be used to operating with fear present. When the fear is gone, it may feel as though an emptiness is there, but this is space for love and miracles to enter. You are being filled with the courage of spirit now so that you can move from this phase of your life to the next. Trust the process and call on Kali-Ma to help you release your fear and step into a space that's strong, focused, and courageous.

Fear is JUST en emotion, and an emotion is energy in motion. Allow yourself to feel your way through it. Don't assign meaning to it, don't try to identify why you have, just allow yourself to be present with it, to feel it's depth and then to choose to move through it.

Center: THE DIVINE DIRECTOR, Intervention and Purpose

Divine intervention is taking place at this time - what is occurring in your life is providing a real learning curve for your soul. You are becoming aware of a sense of purpose in your life. It gives you a sense of joy - it's something that brings you pleasure rather than something you have to work for. Know that your career can complement your purpose but not define it. But the path you are on at this time is right, and the universe is encouraging you to move forwards.

When you feel like you have surrender, surrender even more. Dive into the full embodied energy of trust and let go of the need to control. When you do this, you allow the divine to work in your life on your behalf, to bring your desires to you. You don't always have to hustle to get them, you can sit back and receive it. Find the ease and pleasure in receiving because you are innately worthy, not because you worked a 60 hour week.

Right: HILARION, Divine Healing

The world can seem overwhelming to you and it's okay to retreat to a safe space every now and then to cleanse and recharge your energy. You may feel called to serve others or share your healing with them, but please ensure you are filled up with light, love, and energy first, so that you are not sacrificing your own development for others. You are surrounded by the healing light of Hilarion and the healing angels at this time so that you can recharge and feel whole.

Rest. Rest. Rest. It is not lazy and selfish to take time to care for yourself, and that means in body mind and spirit. Contrary to popular belief, rest is productive. Our systems need time to replenish and be still, to integrate the work we are doing every day to better ourselves and grow as souls.


I would love to hear which card you chose and how the reading resonated with you, so please share your experience in the comments.

Sending lots of love,

Abby O