Angel Magic Intuitive Reading 1.11.21

Hello love and happy day of manifesting all the angel magic. 1.11 and the perfect day for another reading on the blog.

As always, this is an exercise for your intuition, so close your eyes, take a deep breath, and drop into your soul center.

Today's reading is from the Archetypes Oracle Deck by The Wild Unknown.

When you're ready, scroll down and choose your card, then keep scrolling for the reveal.

Choose your card: Top, Middle, Bottom

Which one is speaking to your intuition.


Don't think.

Just Be.

And Choose.

And Trust.

Top: The Thread

There are so many distractions in this world, so much that takes us out of simply being, existing in each moment and allowing life to guide us. We are always anticipating, trying to see the next thing, instead of diving into the love and happiness all around us right now. When you select this card, your heart is feeling the tug to be lifted into these moments - ALL THE MOMENTS. Our lives can be the embodiment of deep connection if we let it in. The Thread is profound, giving us the gift of feeling fully alive.

Where in your life are you trying to predict, to anticipate, to control?

What would make you feel more alive today?

What excites your soul?

What do you want?

Play in the realm of accepting pleasure in each moment. Enjoy your life.

Middle: The Vision

We are each born with a unique vision, a unique set of desires and gifts and talents that we are meant to bring to the world. You have a destiny at which you are aimed. We are guided to and through this vision in different ways, depending on how your intuition and soul speaks to you. It's speaking, the question is, are you listening?

Spend time tuning into the subtleties of life. Be aware of what FEELS good versus what sounds good, and discern the difference in body and spirit. Follow what feels good, and the vision will unfold.

Bottom: The Womb

Everything has an origin story - a beginning. The Womb asks that you look beyond the beginning, to the beginning before the beginning. This is a call to return to the warmth, the divine feminine, the flow of life within you and all around you. You come from sacred intelligence and it exists within you here and now. Spend more time with it, learning from yourself, diving into what you already know. This is your healing path. Going within, discovering your unique voice and sacred wisdom, and unlocking its power.

Where are you lacking harmony in your life?

Where does life feel "hard?"

Start there.

I hope you enjoyed your message today. Drop a comment below and tell me what the reading said and meant to you. If you want to check out this deck, it's available on Amazon.

big love,