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A FREE membership for your mental liberation, a home for your heart.

A portal to take you deeper into the frequencies of love, gratitude, happiness, peace, and safety.

A community and constant reminder that you are guided, supported, and never alone.

A remembering of who you are, and practices to liberate you from everything you're not.

I invite you into the Portal of Peace.

My Intention

There is a part of you that is unafraid, my journey is to help you access it. 

My devotion is to you above all else. I promise to hold you high, to offer you experiences that deepen your connection to your most authentic self, and that encourage you to remember that in your soul, you are love.


The practices I include strengthen your nervous system, activate your intuitive gifts, expand your consciousness, and place you into a deeper relationship with yourself and what you are here to do.


The energetic environment of this space is wildly safe, engaging, and sacred. Your soul sisters are already waiting to meet you and love on you, as am I.

My loyalty is unwavering, my devotion is deep, and my desire for your freedom is unmatched. I am here for you.

I love you.

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emotions are meant to act like water

moving over us,

cascading down our skin

covering us in the experience

of the moment

feeling the cold or hot sensation

and then nothing

like a wave of intensity

that fades completely

until the next one arrives

it took me a long time to see my feelings this way-
as expressions of life’s complexity.

instead I saw them as “meanings” and “characteristics” of who I was and how I lived.

my emotions carried an intensity along with attachment, making them powerful inside and outside of the moment.

so powerful that I could recall and feel them over and over, like it was all happening again.

it’s what kept me in a cycle of fear, trying to control and predict based on past emotions.

and when new emotions came in, I needed to know “why,” to find a way to give the feeling a deeper meaning.

to satisfy my need for control OVER my emotions.

but the more I practiced acknowledging my feelings as experiences in time, the easier it was to let them go, to let them wash over me like water.

they stopped defining my being, and started expanding my consciousness.

every experience, even the challenging ones, didn’t mean anything about who I was, except that I was human.

I let them all be okay.
the thoughts
the feelings
the sensations
I stopped making them MEAN SOMETHING.
and I let myself be fully present with the experience of each one.

And changing my relationship to my emotions changed my entire life.

Because the power I was giving to each one came flooding back to me, and I was able to decide what came next...

and that was liberation.

and now, I offer it to you.

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The Portal of Peace is a collection of kundalini, practices, healings, and embodiment designed to support your nervous system and highly sensitive nature.


  • MONTHLY LIVE EMBODIED KUNDALINI™ CLASS: longer, live Embodied Kundalini™ class to take you deeper into the body, release trauma, facilitate soul healing, and feel through it all. 

  • MONTHLY LIVE KUNDALINI MEDITATION: a new Kundalini meditation focus each month


You also get access immediately to a HUGE library of recorded content and any additional content I add in the future!

  • Hype Tracks: guided audio transmissions to calibrate your energy, support your desires, and kick off your day feeling really f*cking good

  • Daily Practices: Daily Practices: guided audio practices to move through stagnant emotions and integrate new ones that support your desires. Guided meditations, EFT Tapping scripts, Kundalini meditations, Somatic movement, and more.

  • EFT Tapping practices and access to my 7-Day LIBERATED Tapping program.

  • Private Portal Community on Facebook: a space to dump out feelings, to ask for help, to receive peer support, and to connect with other beautiful women and souls feeling through similar emotions and experiences. 

  • Exclusive Bonuses and extra content I decide to surprise you with, such as sound healing sessions, meditations, reiki infusions, intuitive readings, cacao conversations, Soul work journaling exercises, and whatever my sweet intuitive heart guides me to next.

The Portal currently has 10+ hours of content and is growing everyday!

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It has taken a devotion to practices that support my health and wellness in mind, body, and spirit to learn how to change my relationship with all my emotions, but especially with fear.

A devotion that didn't always feel easy, and some days that I wanted to just forget, and let the bad feelings overwhelm me.

and just lean all the way into being a victim of life, and lay in bed, and feel bad for myself.

but my dreams have always been bigger than my excuses.
and what I wanted, I knew I was meant to have, and that was inner peace, trust, and happiness.


That pull kept me moving, and growing, and evolving, and asking more of myself.

and I'm so glad I never gave up.

that I never surrendered to the fears and the pain, to the rampant victim mentality, and have allowed myself to see the beauty in it all - to hear the message in the mess, and to pursue knowledge, feeling, and integration above everything else.

so I could step into the space of mastery, and learn it deeply enough to share it, to teach it, and to help others do it for themselves.

Because I wish someone had helped me.

I wish I had let someone in.

My truth is that I felt really alone during my struggle.

There were a few therapists along the way, but nothing that stuck.

I didn't have a coach, a mentor, and the friends and family I let see the real struggle were few and far between.

but when I started my first community,

3S Fitness, everything changed.

I spoke up, used my voice, led through vulnerability, and I shared my story loudly and with conviction. In doing so, I got the greatest gift I ever could...

people who saw me - who understood me - who told me over and over that I wasn't alone.

and it wasn't a verbal or written contract I made with God in that moment, but a subtle, energetic one.

where I promised to continue to show up and remind women that they are not alone, in whatever they are going through, and to create spaces that made them feel...

and heard
and held
and SAFE
to be who they are,
while pursuing their next evolution.

this is the story of the portal of peace.

it's a space for you, for me, for us.

and I am so excited to welcome you in.

I love you,

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