Read it, affirm it, speak it, claim it:

"I am worthy and deserving of

pleasure over pain,

joy over judgment,

ease and flow over fear, and

curiosity over control.

I declare my freedom from the negative thoughts,

and claim safety within my mind, body, and soul.

I am free to be me, and to enjoy every moment of my life."

Your desire for a safe space to be all of you, to embrace yourself in love and understanding, to wrap yourself in safety and try on your fullness…has arrived. Your call for more has been answered, and your invitation to expand is here for you now. 

You are a beautiful human being with big dreams in your soul.

You see them, hear them, and feel them in your bones.

You want to bring them up and out, to turn your vision into a reality, and you are meant to.

Your higher self, the part of you that is fearless, trusting, and full of wisdom only you have access to, lives within you. Our journey together is to alchemize the energy keeping these dreams dormant, to tap into your intuitive gifts, and prepare you in mind, body, and soul to share them with the world. 

mm write the story.png

Someone is waiting for you to start that business, move to that city, say that thing in the way only you can…

there are people waiting for your voice...

your energy...

your gifts and talents...

waiting for you to be all of YOU!

All of your badass, divine self!

And this is your safe space to explore what that looks like, to try stepping into it, and let a community of women support and love on you for doing it.

Every time you show up for your breakthrough, you give others permission to do the same. And when you knock down the walls around your big heart and your unique gifts, you crack open a light the world has been waiting for. 

You are powerful beyond measure, and when the knowing meets the integration, you become the embodiment of everything you are here to do. 

It’s time to break out of your cocoon, unlock your magic, and share yourself with the world. 

I want to know you.

I want to support you.

I want to hold the vision of your higher self,

while I watch you uncover and step into her power.

shfiting to soul based header.png

Your power lives in your perspective.

The quicker you can shift what you see,

the faster you magnetize what you want. 

This is the work inside Metamorphosis.

We start July 5th. 14 days live with me and a community of powerful queens like yourself. These 14 days will inspire divinely channeled transmissions, healing activations, and the embodiment of the most YOUest YOU!


You will receive...

  • Exclusive pre-work activations and content the week leading up to the program

  • Welcome to the portal community call July 5th

  • 14 live calls with me, one every day, for 30-60 minutes daily: consisting of divinely channeled transmissions, healing sessions, and community coaching *all sessions recorded*

  • Special guest speaker sessions

  • 1 closing Q&A with me

  • private community for peer and coach support

  • lifetime access to the portal and all recordings


The Bonuses:

  • First and LIFETIME access to THE REIKI ROOM: a new membership experience of 1 monthly audio reiki healing activation + 1 live monthly group reiki session (starting in July)
    $600+ value

  • VIP Voucher for 1 month free inside the Portal of Peace Membership Community 
    $111 value

Valued at $777
Bonus Value $711
Investment $333


The only difference between expecting the best and expecting the worst are the feelings that you ask yourself to feel in anticipation of the potential event.

You are too magical, too powerful, and too important to be limited by your thoughts, beliefs, and programming.

I am here to guide you to another way. To activate the limitless part of you and take you through the experience of shifting your perspective and expanding your energy.

are you in?


  • It is safe for me to let go and let life be good.

  • I can trust myself and my inner knowing.

  • I am meant to feel free and enjoy every part of my life.

  • The universe/god/source has my back always, I am not alone.

  • When good things happen, even better things are coming.

  • The less I try to control, the more magic comes into my life.

  • When I expand, I expand and change the world.

  • It feels good to feel good.

  • My life is fun.