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Self Healing Series

Hey babe! I am so pumped to offer a brand new live healing series! Every 40 days, we will focus on a new area of consciousness and use the practice of Kundalini Yoga to help us move closer and shift into a specific energetic state. 


In Kundalini, focusing on a specific practice for 40 consecutive days breaks through any negative habits that are blocking you from expanding into that new version of yourself and claiming that energy fully!

I'll be taking 5-8 women for each experience, so we can maintain an intimate mentorship space where everyone can receive what they need and feel safe and supported by me. This page is always being updated with new and upcoming sessions, so check back often!

The curriculum for each series will have:

  • Daily Kundalini Meditation (same for the full 40 days)

  • Weekly Live Kundalini Class

  • Weekly Live Reiki Session

  • Book Club for additional insight and deeper conversation of the topic

  • Group Voxer for 1 - 1 Support

  • Private Portal; for all Recordings and Materials

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Series #1:

Presence Over Productivity: How to Slow Down Time and Enjoy Your Life More.

Time moves in direct proportion to the amount of intention you bring to your life. The more intentional you are, the slower it goes. The less, the faster. 

You have an infinite amount of time, but it won't feel like that if you are focused on what's next, what you don't have, and what else you can get done.

The more present you are with the moments happening right now, in your life, the slower time will seem to go. Your awareness and mindfulness of moments is what slows time down and teaches you to savor the fullness of true presence.

I have been a student of time my entire life. Observing how people talk about it, move through it, utilize it, and how all that impacts my perspective and thereby my relationship with it. 

We are diving even deeper into presence, mindfulness, and slowing down time in this new self healing series: Presence Over Productivity!

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