In a highly anxious society where consumption is king, implementing intentional daily habits that combat stress and promote gratitude and joy propels us into emotional and physical states that we ACTUALLY want to live in.



Why meditate?

Meditation may be the buzzword of the year, and for good reason. This scientific study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry proved meditation as effective at reducing symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders and maintaining these reductions.

The power and effectiveness of 3 minutes of Kundalini yoga delivers results you can feel instantly. 


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The goal in these three days is to show you that meditation can be simple, fun, and fit into anyone's schedule. If I can do it with two dogs, a full time job, a 10 month old, a hubby, and a side hustle, so can you!


I'm about to drop some serious truth about meditation. Breaking down myths, reseting your mind, and the best part, getting to work with you. 


Today we dive even deeper into the "practicing" part of meditation. We work a little more movement in as I share part of my daily morning ritual with you.


Maybe you are seeking abundance financially, maybe through friendships or a partnership, a new career, a family...whatever you want to bring in, this meditation makes you a magnet for it.


Move Yo Body, giiiirl!

We see movement as a way to make our bodies look better. To change something about ourselves that we don't like. get the "thigh gap," the "6 pack," or the "bikini booty."


We idolize fitness models and compare our bodies to theirs...always feeling like we don't measure up.


I'm going to drop some truth for ya now, and I want you to read this twice: movement and exercise isn't about looking better, it's about feeling better. Read that again.


A lot of times we exercise as punishment for something we ate. But moving our body is MEDICINE FOR OUR BODY.

can I tell you a story?

I was that girl.

That girl who looked in the mirror and saw someone who wasn't enough.

I wasn't thin enough, strong enough, pretty enough...

I hated my body in so many ways. 

I punished it by under eating, overtraining, trying all the fad diets so I could fix it...

Because when I was thinner, stronger, had a bigger butt and my abs were more defined, then everyone would look at me and think I was enough.

And because I would be enough to them, I would be enough to me too.

So I stood on a competition stage in the world's tiniest bikini at 8% body fat, loaded with muscle and asked a panel to tell me if I had won...was I enough now?

They compared me to dozens of other women and then they said you are second to enough, third to enough, fifth to enough...

And I had a complete meltdown.

I felt rundown, exhausted, my body had been in pain for months, begging me to eat something other than chicken and rice and to take a freaking rest day from the training...

so I listened...and I didn't train in the gym for a long time.

I took a look at what I was putting myself through physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and I made a big change.


I decided I wanted my body to be my friend.

When I was ready to start moving my body again I tried yoga, kickboxing, cycling...I starting doing it FOR me, not to FIGHT me.

And that's when everything changed...


I realized that movement and exercise wasn't meant to be a punishment or to get to me took a certain way, it was all about the way it made me feel. 

In the past the gym had been my happy place, a place where I released stressed and HAD FUN. I wanted to find that again.

Movement is medicine for the body, and it can heal you if you let it.

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Meet Brain & Body

The training ground for mental resilience, physical strength, cardiovascular endurance, and breath 45 minutes or less.

It is a hybrid program that combines a traditional strength and cardio based workout with yoga, breathwork, and meditation.