Happiness is your birthright.

Fear is the emotion holding you back from it.


This is your 30 day deep dive into feeling and becoming the embodiment of peace. 


Peace has always been there and will always be there

The missing “peace” is the integration in the body.

Peace lives in the body, not in the mind.

It exists in the soul, in the body, and access is granted when you find and feel that feeling in your body over and over again. The more you feel it, the more you BE it.

The frequency of peace feels like...

- a knowing and confidence in who you are

- trust in your heart and intuition 

- desire based decision making

- healthy boundaries 

- limitless love



You are f*cking magical, powerful, and massively important to this universe. Your dreams are ready to be fulfilled, and you know there is more to life than being afraid. 


Deep down, I know you can feel it.


Peace always felt like this illusive concept to me. Something you may stumble across for a beautiful moment, but not as a permanent state. 

As an anxious, highly sensitive, empathic, and easily triggered person, peace wasn’t even on my radar. I coped, I used the tools, I went to therapy, tried medication...and knew that my relationship with fear would be something I “managed” forever. 

Then one day, just like an epiphany, that belief didn’t feel right anymore. My soul suddenly knew it was possible and I held onto hope as I invested and invested and invested time and money into the pursuit of this illusive concept. 

Years later, I not only disproved my illusive theory, but have a deeply intimate and steady relationship with the energy, frequency, and feeling of peace. 

I know peace. Not because I’ve seen it or touched it, but because I am it. I was it all along. But I couldn’t access it because my attachment to fear was far too strong. 

My relationship with my fear had to change and my body had to integrate new beliefs and release old stories to welcome in this new energy. 

The more I played with it the more I understood it. The more I practiced choosing it, trusting it, embodying it, letting it in OVER the fear, the easier it was to hold onto it...for longer...and longer...and longer...

And then something magical happened...I became it. And now I’m here to share it with you...

Allow me the deep honor of introducing you to the frequency of peace.


You cannot think your way to peace.

Peace is a feeling, and the only way to it is through the body. 


Embodiment practices activate the energetic pathways in the body to release unwanted programming and integrate new belief systems, beliefs with peace and love at the forefront.


Embodiment is release and integration at the same time. 



It’s is the practice of bringing the idea, the feeling, the belief, into the physical form of the body. It is the becoming of who you desire to be.  

Who is this experience is meant for?

how to know if this will help you:


The BIG question, the one I’ve asked myself over and over for 15+ years every time I invested in my mental health...

”Will this help me?”


And my inner dialogue after hearing the responses was something like this...“Sounds great, I f*cking love the idea of it, but will it ACTUALLY work for ME? Like REALLY WORK? Not much has, and I don’t want to invest and not have it work out.”

Does that sound like you too?


Here’s what I want you to know: I’ve spent 15+ years investing in inner peace, trying new tools, methods, and practices, and while some worked better than others, there is not a single investment I regret. 


Because I have it, I am it. Peace is who I am.

It’s my natural state.


Today when the fear comes up, I know how to choose peace over and over and over again. Fear is the outsider, peace is me. 


And there’s not a price I wouldn’t pay for that. 


This experience is designed to help those...

- struggling with physical symptoms of anxiety, like headaches, nausea, palpitations, tight chest, shortness of breath (or any of the dozens you may be experiencing)

- who have little to no energy, low motivation and desire to do things 

- feeling lost or stuck, not sure how to cope or what to do next, with their anxiety and in life 

- not enjoying the moments of life because their fear has them focused on past traumas and experiences or potential future outcomes 

- with ruminating or intrusive thoughts, mostly fearful and scary, overwhelming, and sad

- seeking control over everything while still feeling very out of control, chronically stressed, and burnt out

- with social anxiety

- who struggle with chronic pain and illness and experience fear related to symptoms and worried thoughts 

- who don’t believe it can get better. Who feel that coping is the best they can do and have lost their faith and hope for a happy and thriving life 


What feelings/liberations/real life impact can you anticipate from these 4 weeks together? 

  1. Learning what peace feels like in your body.

  2. Release of stored fear-based programming, tension, and contraction from the body.

  3. A stronger nervous system & less reactive body to the triggering thoughts and experiences.

  4. Intimate relationship with inner peace.

  5. A foundation for continued growth in self-love, acceptance, and trust.

  6. Knowledge AND the embodiment that fear is not who you are.

  7. Clear connection to the voice of your intuition, your soul, and it’s true essence and desires..

  8. The embodiment and experience of peace.

  9. Immediate AND long-term anxiety and fear relief through the practices.

  10. Significant reduction or elimination of daily physical anxiety symptoms.

  11. Clearer mind more focused on love and not fear.

  12. Less attachment to fear. 

  13. Understanding of fear as an emotion and not a personality trait.

  14. New body, mind, and soul programming based in peace and in love.

  15. Transformational healing in mind, body, and soul.

  16. Establishing a foundation of peace over fear.

  17. Knowledge AND practices/tools that give you access peace whenever you want.

  18. Deeper connection and gratitude for your body.

  19. Renewed lease on life and passion for how you want to live it.

  20. Freedom from your mind and it’s intrusive thoughts.

  21. Less ruminating and overthinking and more trusting.

  22. Becoming the truest version of you.

  23. No more operating out of fear.

  24. Completely sovereign in your soul.

  25. In love with yourself and with life.

The Program Details

30 Days of Peace Embodiment Practices & Energy of Peace Codes

- Delivered daily, these 5-15 minute practices give you the experience and embodiment of the frequency of peace. With a combination of somatic experiences, guided meditations, embodiment practices, EFT Tapping, and Kundalini, you learn, know, and grow intimate with the frequency of peace.

5 Recorded Integration Modules & Healing Sessions

- These 5 beautiful transmissions deliver the mindset work to support the embodiment experience you are moving through daily. Each week you’ll grow in the knowledge and understanding of the energy and frequency of peace, your nervous system and triggers, and deeper beliefs blocking you from true freedom. Understanding your emotional attachments intellectually creates space to free that programming from the body, making your daily practices even more potent.

2 Recorded Coaching Q&A Sessions with Me :)

- Bring all your questions, your thoughts, your experiences, and receive high level access to and support from my energy and soul wisdom throughout your journey. These sessions are FOR YOU!

Energetic Support Journaling Practice & Daily Prompts

- Your core daily journaling practice is consistent throughout the 30 days, and will allow for an even deeper release of stored emotion and integration of peace. Delivered daily with your embodiment practices, 1 new writing prompt will arrive to serve your exploration of your truest, most authentic expression.

Members Only Portal & Private Community

- All your content including the replays of all live calls will be house in a private members only area that you have lifetime access to. Outside of this interwebs portal, we will also have a private community to connect with each other and offer support and insight, as well as access to me for any questions, throughout the program.

Lifetime Access

- forever and ever, this crazy amazing library of content in yours, girl.

The Integration Modules


Take a deep breath...a really big one

in through the nose...sigh it out through the mouth.

Now take a moment and FEEL into this vision for yourself, noting how your body responds to the words.


I wake up and I feel myself. My true self. I feel my heart and I trust it. I see my body and I love it. I move slow, I am present. I don’t worry. I see so clearly, everything around me right now is beautiful and everything is okay. I am safe and I am okay.


The smell of my coffee makes me smile, and my gratitudes just flow. I think of gratitude more than fear, I think of love more than fear. It’s easy to push back on the fear, because I know it’s not who I am anymore. It was evicted from it’s permanent residence the minute I realized I am the embodiment of love and peace just as I am.


And now I know how to access it over and over again, in everything I do. I can call on it all the time, whenever I want. I may have fearful thoughts, but they don’t mean anything. They are just thoughts, just feelings, and it’s EASY for me to choose another one. I know and feel peace within, which means I never have to go without.

How does that feel in your body?





However you are feeling, is valid.

And however you WANT to feel, is how you are meant to feel.

You were made for so much more. You came here to experience ALL the emotions, not just fear. Fear has a time and place, and it’s not all over your life. It’s meant to keep you safe, not keep you small.


It’s time to serve up the eviction notice to the emotion controlling your life...fear. 


Kick it out, board up the doors, and let’s go buy that dream house full of happiness and joy, love, and peace. It’s waiting for you. The keys are under the mat...


are you ready to unlock the door?


Frequency of Peace FAQ

Q: Is this only for people who have anxiety or chronic stress?

This program is for anyone who feels held back by fear and is looking to discover inner peace. If you struggle with recurring and ruminating thoughts, overthinking, physical symptoms and manifestations of anxiety, chronic pain, this program will serve you. The same applies to ANYONE looking for a deeper connection to their truth, the intuition, and their desires. Embodiment and nervous system work serves EVERYONE! 


Whether you have debilitating anxiety, chronic daily stress, or struggle to show up for yourself and your desires because of fear, this program is here to serve you. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is my story, but everyone's path is different. If it FEELS like this course can help you, it will. Trust yourself and your gut.

Q: Is this a live course?

YES! The first and ONLY live round begins Monday, March 1st, and runs until Wednesday, March 31st. If you are joining us after, you will have access to all the content right away!

Q: When does the course start?

March 1st and ends March 31st. If you purchased this course after that date, you get immediate access to ALL the goodies!

Q: Do I have to complete the program in a certain time window?

Absolutely not. This beautiful program is yours forever, so if you know now is the time and you want in, but something comes up, you'll be able to do the course whenever it fits for you love.

Q: Are there payment plans available?

Absolutely. The payment plans are listed above and also on the enrollment page.

Q: I feel like I am supposed to do this but I am still unsure...what do I do?

Take a minute. Breathe. Relax the jaw, the shoulders, neck, arms. Open yourself to receiving guidance. Ask and follow the feelings. 

More about Abby O


Hi love! I'm Abby O'Keefe, Abby O for short ;) I'm a mental health mentor and coach to women struggling to release fear and pursue their passions (or figure out what they are). 

Learning and implementing practical and spiritual tools for anxiety relief has been my life's work and one of my biggest personal accomplishments. 

Fear and attachment to fear can absolutely take over your life. Finding freedom from excess fear was empowering and ground-breaking for me. And now I have an impenetrable foundation for lifelong happiness and love.


More importantly than that, I now get to help people build those same foundations. I teach you how to escape from the hamster wheel of fear and pursue a life beyond your wildest dreams. That means everything to me.

Because I invest from a place of DESIRE and not NEED, it always feels good. Saying YES to myself is expansive and abundant, and I do it because I love MYSELF! When I allow myself to heal, I heal those who came before me, and those who will come after me.  My YES is holy.