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How often do you...

  • Ponder worst case scenarios?

  • ​Think about everything that could go wrong in a situation?

  • ​Plan for the bad over the good?

  • Play a constant game of tug-o-war with your mind?

  • ​Think negative thoughts?

  • Deal with intrusive thoughts?

  • ​Feel like your mind is working against you?

  • Find yourself exhausted from day to day tasks?

  • Consider yourself burned out and over-extended?

worry 2.png

Me too.

I am so familiar with this way of living it's SCARY...pun intended.


I've googled the nearest hospitals on family vacations, avoided certain trips or public events, stayed up all night too scared to sleep, woken up with anxiety and fear with no idea why, and spent years in talk therapy trying to cope...


Then I hit my rock bottom…


I was laying on my living room couch, so physically dizzy from anxiety for the 30th day in a row that I could hardly walk. I hadn't slept in nearly 3 days and was desperate for help.

I went to the doctor looking for answers, and received a diagnosis and a bottle of medication. I tried it for a few days, slept a little, and begged God for a better solution - I felt numb from the meds and instantly knew it was the wrong long-term plan for me.


I made myself a promise to open my heart and my mind to see things differently.


When I did, I was almost immediately guided to tools that opened me up to like kundalini meditation (not the kind where you sit in silence for 20 minutes), and Reiki (where my only role was to show up and practice surrender, which I desperately needed to learn).


These tools showed me for the first time in a very long time, who I was without fear. For a long time I thought I WAS my fear - that anxiety was hardwired into my DNA and coping was the best I could do...but I learned that belief was a LIE.

I promised myself that if I found inner peace, I would teach others like me how to find it too.


This is me keeping my promise.

Decoding Fear copy.png

When it comes to mental health and anxiety, many people are told that it will never go away. It's diagnosed as a part of who someone is, described as a personality trait or permanent chemical imbalance, not a season they are moving through or emotional cycle they are stuck in.

This brings a lot of hopelessness and sadness into the picture. If no one is informing you of the healing modalities and options available to you, why would you believe it's possible?

The thing is, anything is possible. The impossible is possible.

I am proof of that.

Life is an obstacle course of emotions we get to move through. Some are more challenging than others and keep us stuck a little longer. But like all things, with consistent pursuit and practice, we eventually make it through.

One of my most well known taglines, one that dropped in during Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and has stayed with me forever is: May you find peace in your practice, may you carry peace in your life.


Busting out of a fear cycle means realizing that fear, like every emotion, is simply energy passing through. Emotions cannot be personality traits, or a core of who you are. They are energy in motion, ready and willing to come and go quickly and easily. But our programming and thought patterns create traps that hold us hostage - we make it MEAN SOMETHING - this is what we are breaking out of inside Decoding Fear.

The first step to reclaiming your power - recognizing that you've given it away.

Fear is not meant to be the main character in your story - YOU ARE! It's time to bust out of that cycle and create a new one steeped in peace and love and faith. 

As cheesy as it sounds, it's time to remember who the f*ck you are - and I can promise you, it's not fear, and it has nothing to do with fear.


There is a part of you that is unafraid - the journey is to access it!

I'm ready to set you free...are you?

Decoding Fear.png

MODULE #1: Knowledge is Power

This module breaks down the science of fear and how your body responds to both real and perceived threats. The more we feel fear, the more our bodies get used to feeling it and so manifest more of it. Being in a fearful state sometimes makes us feel this weird sense of safety - because fear is what we know. It’s what we have let hold us back and control our actions. We live so deeply within its grasp that we don’t really see any other way of BEing. We believe in the fear, embody the fear, and then struggle with defining ourselves BY OUR FEAR. This module teaches you how to CHANGE THAT!

MODULE #2: Feeling is Healing

We dive deep into the difference between emotions and feelings (there is a KEY BIG difference here that you need to know about to rewrite your fear story) and how they affect the way you feel your fear. When you feel intense fear coming on, you don’t have to mentally rehearse your last panic attack or the worst case scenario you read about on the internet. You can feel fear, and then let it go. You can see it for what it is, understand the response in your body, and then detach from it.

MODULE #3: Challenged & Changed

Time to get down and dirty. We gather evidence and disprove our limiting beliefs. Your limiting belief systems and thoughts shape everything you do. They have prevented you from seeing opportunities and maybe even discouraged you from trying at all. Time to bring them out of hiding! Once you do that, you have a choice. Once you see the belief, you can acknowledge it’s a belief and not a truth, and write a new one - one that supports your desires and not your fears.


Victim mentality is a BREEDING GROUND for fear. It takes all your power away and makes you feel like everyone AND the world AND god are all out to get you - and that’s just not true. You are a powerful freaking person. Don’t give that away and don’t let anyone take it from you. And if you have given it away, as we all have at different times in our lives, it’s time to take it back. Claim what is rightfully yours and own it.

MODULE #5: Let That Sh*t Go

Raise your hand if you’re a control freak? I SEE YOU GIRL! This girl, right here. Anxious people tend to have a control bone in their body. It’s this major bone that’s invisible but takes up 90% of the brain haha. Fear makes us want to control everything and everyone. It makes us easily irritable, at times confrontational, deeply insecure, untrusting, and so many other emotions and feelings. We plan for worst case scenarios - we try to control situations, events, people, things outside of us. But that control is an illusion - the control we do have is how we respond to those things - the lens and perspective we choose to view them through. The work is inward.

MODULE #6: Show Up Every Day

Make your desires bigger than your fear, and show up even when it's scary. The video that helps you put it all together. That reminds you your desires exist for a reason - to be fulfilled. You are meant to have what you want.

The focus of this course is helping you establish beliefs that support your DESIRES, not your fears. ​

Each module has homework and affirmations that show you how to use your desires as a guide for your life, and your fear as a fleeting feeling instead of a recurring character. 

If your mind feels scary, unpredictable, and maybe a little like a bully, this course is perfect for you. Decoding Fear helps you get in a right relationship with fear, so you can see it, feel it, and let it go.

The vibes

  • 6 Weeks Together LIVE
  • 6 Live Trainings + Coaching Sessions with me
  • 6 Pre-Recorded Core Modules
  • Corresponding Reflection Questions
  • Private Members Community
  • Start Date: Wednesday, November 15th, 2023
  • Price: FREE
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