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Camp Kundalini


A 90 day at-home yoga, meditation, and movement retreat to stabilize the nervous system, soothe the mind, and alchemize emotional sensitivity into a superpower.

Do you get stuck in the same thoughts and stories, playing past experiences and potential future scenarios on repeat?

Are you a highly sensitive or empath, consistently taking on and feeling the emotions of others?

Do you want to feel better, manifest more, and have more fun in your life?

Are you an over-giver, struggling to create boundaries and burning yourself out trying to please others?

Do you feel like you're always taking one step forward and two steps back?

Are you looking for more fulfillment, purpose, and pleasure in your life?

Do you feel BIG emotions and aren't sure how to process them to feel better?

Do you have a strong desire to serve and share through your story but you still feel a little triggered, doubtful, and uncertain on how to make it happen?

Me too...

So many of these beliefs, thoughts, and feelings were mine for years and years.

I've been there, and I know how hard it is.

You are not alone.

I struggled to be happy because it felt like a black cloud of fear was following me everywhere. 

I wasn't fully enjoying my life, I planned for worst case scenarios, had trouble sleeping, struggled with health problems, didn't like being in crowds of people, experienced panic and anxiety attacks...and was always told coping was the best I could do.

But I didn't buy it. Something in me knew that if I could feel so much fear, I could feel so much...fill in the blank - peace/love/joy/happiness.

So I pursued it.

And the tools I uncovered to regulate my nervous system changed my life. They turned my sensitivity into a superpower.

The recurring thoughts shifted from "worst case" to "beyond best case," and the things that used to scare me just stopped.

It was like the mind and body I'd known forever, that I was so deeply uncomfortable living inside, felt like home for the first time.

I came home to myself, to the love in my heart and peace in my soul, and it was the most groundbreaking, world-shifting event that's ever happened to me.

and now I am here to share it all with you...

with the intention and the desire that you find safety, love, and home in your body, mind, and soul.

I believe so deeply in this program, these practices, in the way I teach embodied kundalini, and in your ability to believe in yourself, your power, and your breakthrough.

unleash her...

The call was strong
The message clear
It’s time

Let her be free
Of expectation
Let her live

The one who feels all
Whose bones are made of love
And whose blood runs pure with peace

Scream her out
Laugh her out
Cry her out

Her feeling
Is your healing

Wild one
I liberate you

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this experience

changes you...

...from the scared girl, to the trusting, unshakable queen.

She who believes in true freedom, infinite abundance, and sovereignty in her soul voice. 
She who knows that fear does not define her and doubt does not dictate the path of her life.
She who hears the call to evolve, to devote herself fully to the frequency of love.
She who refuses to settle for less than the happiest, most fulfilling, blessed life possible.
She who takes ownership of her energy, her choices, and her next steps.
She who is here to start revolutions and to lead herself fearlessly into what feels good.
She who is ready to bust out of limited human constructs and create a life steeped in desire and excitement.


Wake her up
Shake her
Stir her
Set the stage for her

Her energy carries the wisdom
Of lifetimes

Here to radiate her love
Take up space with her presence
Her confidence
Her unapologetic magnetism


...the Queen of Love

this experience is unlike any other.
it includes...

    kundalini yoga and meditation, breathwork, healings, transmissions, group coaching sessions, and anything else that I feel called to bring through

    kundalini focused with added embodiment - these change every month

    a journaling practice I developed especially for camp to set intentions, anchor in desire, and manifest it all

    hosted on Facebook

    Lifetime access to everything

  • DATES: 9/20-12/20

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hear from past campers...

How did you change throughout your camp experience?


"I'm more confident, patient, understanding, and compassionate with my children...I now have essential tools to help me with daily challenges. I know how to go inward and find my PEACE in the midst of chaos."


"I figured out why I was feeling many of the negative emotions I was feeling before. I became a more confident decision-maker."


"I became calmer, better able to identify my triggers and work to heal them, and I realized on a soul level that I’m here for a reason."


"Camp Kundalini was at once eye-opening, transformative, inspirational and beautiful. During my 40 days of camp with Abby and the other campers, I experienced several ah-ha moments that were quite literally pivotal moments for me..

The program is designed for self-reflection, personal growth, and acknowledgment of emotions or decisions or patterns that aren't good for us anymore... and it helps you to figure out how to let go, forgive yourself (or others), and move forward in the work..."


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LEXIE SAYS, "You made such a difference in my life that I wouldn’t have cared if you had zero credentials but the technical side of me did love how you knew that science of what you were teaching. I also loved how you bring everything together in such a relaxed, at-home, loving, relatable way.


And how you led by example, being vulnerable so we felt more comfortable being vulnerable and just the step by step stuff, I love what you’re doing and I hope you continue to impact people as powerfully as you did me, cuz girl, you are crushing the whole ‘changing lives’ thing! Also, I would have never went to this had it been a physical camp so I love how you’ve made it virtual and still so interactive. Thank you so much for the time you invested in me and all the work you do 💞💞💞"

KATIE SAYS, "I can't thank you enjoy Abby. You have touched my life and the lives of all of the other campers. We will be forever changed and better people because of your hard work and dedication. I will continue this technology forever. I am forever grateful."