Camp Kundalini


camp is perfect for you if you:

  • have struggled with any type of anxiety

  • get anxiety and/or panic attacks regularly

  • focus on the bad instead of the good

  • think about the worst case scenario first

  • believe you aren’t good enough

  • hear a negative thought reel in your mind

  • are unfulfilled in life

  • would tell yourself in 30 years you wish you hadn’t worried so much

  • struggle to relax

  • have trouble sleeping or disrupted sleep

  • experience physical symptoms of anxiety

  • feel that many of your fears are irrational or don’t “make sense”

  • aren’t enjoying your life fully

  • don’t like being alone

A retreat experience in the comfort of your home



A virtual retreat hosted entirely online as a 40 day immersion to transform fear to love.


Our focus is on implementing daily habits that combat anxiety while incorporating activities and workshops that spark joy. 

Camp Kundalini provides:

Structure through daily habits and routines that lessen anxiety and promote fearless living...a plethora of tools to access for both immediate and sustainable anxiety relief.

A deep dive into the practice of kundalini yoga and meditation to change your energy, rewire your brain, and live out the dreams you play out in your minds.

Weekly 1:1 and group coaching, Mindset Makeover and Creative Workshops, live yoga classes, & short homework assignments to promote self-reflection.

How would you describe camp?

"Camp is an amazing opportunity to dig deep, become humble, and change your entire world in 40 days. Then live with the rewards of it for the rest of your life."


"It’s a place to heal...Give it your all and it will give you back everything you need."


how does it work?

A virtual retreat? An online camp? What's that about?

For years I've looked at in person 3,5, and 10 day long retreats and thought two things: how do people have the time and money to go on these experiences?

They look amazing, life changing, and totally worth it, but I have a full time job, a 16 month old, and a budget that just doesn't allow for it right now.​

This 40 day virtual retreat is hosted through a private website and facebook community so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

We spend 1-2 hours a day together building our anxiety relief toolkit through a deep dive into kundalini yoga and meditation, weekly lessons and homework, 1:1 and group coaching with me, workshops and activities, reiki, readings, and so much more.

This experience is one of a kind...and I can't wait to share it with you!

Nora's camp experience:

"Camp Kundalini was at once eye-opening, transformative, inspirational and beautiful. During my 40 days of camp with Abby and the other campers, I experienced several ah-ha moments that were quite literally pivotal moments for me..

The program is designed for self-reflection, personal growth, and acknowledgment of emotions or decisions or patterns that aren't good for us anymore... and it helps you to figure out how to let go, forgive yourself (or others), and move forward in the work..."

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 3.00.15 PM.png

Your experience includes:

  • CAMPER WELCOME KIT: includes everything you need to participate in all activities during the 40 days


  • PREP WEEK ACTIVITIES (the week before camp starts)















  • ...and so much more! I like to keep some of it a surprise!

The Schedule

A weekday in the life of a camper:

  • Wake up - morning ritual (10 minutes)

  • Kundalini kriya and meditation (30 minutes)

  • Normal daily activities - work, commitments, etc. 

  • Later evening (after 7pm) - weekly homework/workshop/activity (2 times per week for 30 minutes)

  • Evening before bed: nighttime ritual (10 minutes)


A Saturday in the life of a camper:

  • Wake up - morning ritual (5 minutes)

  • Live Group Kundalini class (60 minutes)

  • Daily activities, family time, self-care - free time

  • Evening before bed - nighttime ritual (10 minutes)

yoga 1.jpg



What if all this time, all this struggle, has been leading you to a beautiful chapter in your life?

What if everything does work out, even if it doesn't seem like it right now?

What if who I become is who I needed all along?

What if all of this hard work leads to amazing things? What if I replaced negativity with optimism?

What if it really is that easy? 

imagine yourself:

  • taking back the power your anxiety has over you and living fully free

  • waking up excited about each new day, not plagued by anxiety or fear

  • able to focus on all the good surrounding you and call in more

  • manifest exactly what you want in life with ease

  • feel a calm and peaceful energy whenever you want

  • experience limitless bliss through doing what you love everyday

  • sharing your light and passions with the world without paralyzing fear standing in your way

  • enjoying radiant health and wellness and feeling confident and comfortable in your body

  • living as your true self guided by your intuition

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation delivers

immediate anxiety relief and life-changing results.

How did you change throughout your 40 day camp experience?

"I'm more confident, patient, understanding, and compassionate with my children...I now have essential tools to help me with daily challenges. I know how to go inward and find my PEACE in the midst of chaos."


"I figured out why I was feeling many of the negative emotions I was feeling before. I became a more confident decision-maker."


"I became calmer, better able to identify my triggers and work to heal them, and I realized on a soul level that I’m here for a reason."


which voice do you hear more?

brain: ugh, I wonder what bad stuff is going to happen today
soul: I cannot wait to get up and take on this beautiful day

brain: why would she do that to me, I've been such a good friend to her
soul: I see her side and understand she is in pain too, but it might be best to keep my distance for a bit

brain: I am fat and gross and ugly and I hate the way I look
soul: holy moly, my heart beats 24/7, my lungs breathe, and I can move, on two feet, anywhere I want. this body is INCREDIBLE

brain: you are never going to be good enough and most of your friends probably don't like you
soul: I love me and I am enough just as I am

brain: this is a really dumb idea, why are we even doing this. there's no way it's going to work out
soul: I am following my heart and trusting in the process. I know that I am powerful beyond measure and I will be successful in everything I do.

are you living in your self-limiting mind, or your fearless, trusting soul?

which do you WANT to live from?

What do past

campers have to say?

LEXIE SAYS, "You made such a difference in my life that I wouldn’t have cared if you had zero credentials but the technical side of me did love how you knew that science of what you were teaching. I also loved how you bring everything together in such a relaxed, at-home, loving, relatable way. And how you led by example, being vulnerable so we felt more comfortable being vulnerable and just the step by step stuff, I love what you’re doing and I hope you continue to impact people as powerfully as you did me, cuz girl, you are crushing the whole ‘changing lives’ thing! Also, I would have never went to this had it been a physical camp so I love how you’ve made it virtual and still so interactive. Thank you so much for the time you invested in me and all the work you do 💞💞💞"

ck kristiana.jpg

KATIE SAYS, "I can't thank you enjoy Abby. You have touched my life and the lives of all of the other campers. We will be forever changed and better people because of your hard work and dedication. I will continue this technology forever. I am forever grateful."

Still not sure? Have some questions?

Email me and let's chat, friend!

What's the community and day-to-day really like?

check out these posts from some of our beautiful campers.

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